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KUALA LUMPUR: UWC Bhd, which posted a 54% jump in its net profit to RM30.11mil in the fourth quarter ended July 31 (4Q), has declared a dividend of 2.91 sen totalling RM32mil.

The entitlement and payment dates of the interim single-tier dividend are Sept 21 and Oct 5 respectively.

In 4Q, UWC’s revenue jumped 61.3% to RM103.14mil from RM63.94mil a year ago while earnings per share (EPS) rose to 2.73 sen versus 1.78 sen previously.

The company said the growth was a direct result of its involvement into the semiconductor industry.

For the full financial year, UWC posted a net profit of RM106.94mil, or EPS of 9.71 sen, up 16.8% from RM91.54mil, or 8.32 sen.




Revenue for the period rose 21.3% to RM345.63mil against RM285.02mil last year.

UWC said the strong set of financial results was mainly driven by the developments in the semiconductor industry which contributed 77.5% of the total revenue.

The stellar set of results was supported by a healthy net cash of RM33.5mil with a current ratio of 6.4 times.

Executive director and group CEO Datuk Ng Chai Eng said the stronger earnings reflected the continuous implementation of investment projects, as well as normalised economic activities in view of the country’s move towards endemicity and reopened international borders which partially aided our stronger business activities in 2022.

“We remain cautious in evaluating potential endeavours as we continue to secure new projects as well as onboarding of new customers for front-end semiconductor equipment, life science and 5G test equipment which have kept our strong order book intact.

“Looking ahead, we expect the ramp up of our new simulation system and the commencement of our new performance tester to be a strong growth catalyst,” he said in a statement.

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