The New Malay Dilemma\u2026

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In 1970, Mahathir wrote a controversial book, the Malay Dilemma. It claimed, among others, that the Malays fell under the dominion of other races because of their tolerant and non-confrontational nature.

According to Mahathir’s understanding of eugenics, it was what was required to correct Malaysian Chinese hegemony in business. He justified the primordial differences with evolution of the genes that degraded intellectual capability in the Malay race.

His book has been the basis for a wide range of racially-skewed political, socio-economic and educational public policies under the New Economic Policy.

It made some racial generalisations like describing Jewish stinginess and financial wizardry.

Some say it nurtured toxic racial and victimhood discourse. Half a century later, the actions of the Jews are still making the news and many Malays are still in the B40 category.

Why is this?

In the constitution, Malays are supposed to be a special privileged people. However, it is only the rich Malays who have the opportunity to enjoy these privileges. Especially those with political connections and who are politicians themselves.

Dr Syed Hussein Ali argues that it is the policy of the government to create a class of wealthy Malays but there is a tendency for the leader-brokers to become wealthier. They have less time for the poor and cronyism is preferred. 




He said poverty is really a class and not a racial problem, corruption has become a way of living and problems of homelessness are due to unbalanced development.

Most rich people are interested in maximising profits at the expense of others. In fact, in any community, there exists class conflicts. Look at the Malay political parties today. They have split into so many parties and we are left in the dark as to what are their real agenda’s are.

The Malay Dilemma was to share the nation’s wealth with everyone, but this sharing does not filter down to the lowest strata and yet they are crying that the Malays have lost power.

If it is true, who made it possible?

How about greed? The politicians want position and power, not to serve the people, religion and country but instead crave money and power.

There were expressions of frustration from non-Malays on the awards of government scholarships, business opportunities and other top positions for Bumiputeras.

Look at it from another perspective. With all the assistance given, who benefitted?

It seems the Bumiputeras or government setup Bumiputera organisations are controlling the banks but not actual commerce and businesses.

I took the free MRT ride a few days ago and observed the KL skyline. How many of the hundreds of high-rise buildings and costly housing development projects belong to Malays? 

Political leaders cry foul of non-Malays but as can be seen in the two on-going high-profile court cases, big donations came from non-Malays.

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